Hairy guy solo

I’m kinda sorry now that I didn’t even bother to take a peek at Orlando Toro vids before. Judging by his solo video set in HairyBoyz – there’s a lot that I have missed or missing. But hey, it ain’t too late to jump in on the Toro wagon. And I must say that it’s gonna be a fun ride through the valley of hair and muscles. Not as hairy as his contemporaries though but I kinda like the way the hair covers his just chest and down to his thighs and legs. After this set I’m goin’ directly to the store and get a copy of Grunts. I read that he has a very hot scene there with Steve Cruz.

A Fist And A Fuck. And I Am A Happy Bear

Raging Stallion’s tradition of delivering you filthy fisting films (FFF) gets even better with Fist Fuck – featuring vets and newbs, this video is sure to make any fisting video collection glitter and sparkle. In the movie’s second scene – we see long time hardcore of the hardcore performers, Mason Garett and Taurus Dean getting on with their ass play with a tinge of romance and buggering. While more mainstream gay porn would have the cock in the arse bit as the main attraction – expect that with these two dudes, it’s just the prelude to even more heavyweight scene to leave yer jaws dropping wide open. Slowly and ever so gently, Taurus punches Matt with his paw – and Matt receives his fist with a rosy anticipation. Now, if you want to get a hold of this scene and more, I suggest you check out Raging Stallions’ Fisting Central. You’ll love yer stay there. I bet my virgin ass on it.