The Devil In Dean Monroe

Oh my god. Oh my god. I think I just found me something new to obsess about. In one of his movies, Dean Monroe played the devil himself. And honest, if the devil is as dashing as he – I would not mind spending an eternity in hell. Dean Monroe has a classic Hollywood charm that could leave all other gay pornstars eating his dust. And me thinks only a rare few can hold a candle to this dude – jocks like Remy Delaine or Cory KoonsFrancois Sagat or perhaps. Living currently in London, our stud for the day, is currently enjoying his life as a gay pornstar. I mean I would too if I could get to fuck and suck all those equally famous cocks and arses. But anyways, Dean Monroe’s got a nice (if not magnificent) looking dick – and I’m having wild fantasies about it right now. So uhmm…as I am about to get busy for awhile, let me just remind you that there are free trailers and photo sets here. Just so you can sample the goodies if yer not prepared to take the plunge yet. But I assure you, a site with Dean Monroe and Remy Delaine and Corky Koons and Francois Sagat is a definite A plus.

Cory Koons, You Make My Heart Swoon

Cory Koons – nothing like a multi-ethnic beauty to bring horny back. Just when I thought that I’ve had enough porn for this month at least, Cory Koons and his tight arsehole, the tats and the piercings – ooh, it makes me jealous of all the other stallion jocks and hunks who have come in and out of his backdoor. As a pure (and a power one at that) in Raging Stallion videos, Cory Koons has made and continues to make fans salivate. Including me. It sure beats hay fever blues. So yes, I am downloading Cory Koons’ photos and video sets like crazy.

Bang Bang boy Guilermo Solo

Guilermo is the Bang Bang boy to have his solo video uploaded. And this 5’9” Latino hunk is just the right thirst quencher. What? Tats, a seven inch dick? What more can you ask? I dunno about you, but I’d like to ask for his baby batter served in a quaint bowl with a note that says, “Beba-me, Meu Amor”